(OMG it’s) Fall Musings.

Well, it would seem that another season has arrived. I daresay that fall 2013 did so in style. After being blessed with a nearly-perfect summer, the PNW weather has been more or less kind to us throughout the transition. And while it’s no East Coast, the foliage around here is gorgeous.

I’m pretty convinced that fall exists solely for the purpose of easing the transition from summer to winter–especially where I live. Summers in Washington state are pretty tough to top. Winters in WA? Not difficult to top. At all. So thank God there exists this interim of Autumn, where the air is crisp but not frigid, and football, boots, sweatshirts, and yes–pumpkin spice lattes give us all a reason to get excited about storing away our flip-flops.

Huh. Perhaps after rereading the above, I should probably revise: All of us suburban white girls. Good Lord, Jessica.

Hubs and I have been keeping busy. September brought a trip to see his family in the Midwest, where we met our new nephews, Owen and Titus (now 6 and 4 months old, respectively.) We also saw our existing nephew, Cooper. We love him, but he’s 4, rather opinionated, and cranky about the whole “little brother” thing. We’re confident he’ll be back to being awesome by Christmas. It was a fast but relaxing trip, and I was reminded again how lucky I am to have in-laws I absolutely love. Best part: Marrying into some siblings! I now have, in the legal sense, two big brothers and a big sister. They rock.

Two weeks after our triumphant return west, we boarded a red-eye headed east. Hubs slept. I squirmed and complained, mostly. We were headed to Virginia to celebrate the wedding of our dear friends (clearly dear friends, or we might not have made the trek.) It was worth the travel, to witness them committing to each other. A week later we witnessed another pair of like-family friends say I do… I thought I was emotional at weddings before–HA! These events seem to have taken on a new significance now that I’m someone’s wife. Marriage is a BIG freakin’ deal. It’s exciting and fun and frankly, a little terrifying.

But I wouldn’t trade the rings on our fingers and what they mean for anything. I’m learning more and more about this guy to whom I committed my life. And he is so cool. I always knew I loved him and he was awesome, but reaching a new level of “best-friend-ness” is so so so fun. And as seasons change (as evidenced by the fact that I finally got around to another post here) I am so thankful to be in this crazy marriage club with him.

Well, goodness, that got real cheesy, real fast. Sorry. I’ll be sure to include pictures and heavy sarcasm next time

Until then, Happy Fall!


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