Dear Sadie: 4 Months

Dear Sadie,

You are FOUR months old! I think it is safe to say that you are now out of the “newborn” stage and are well into babyhood! Something about four months just seems so BIG to me, despite the fact that you’ve only been living outside of my body for less than half the time I was pregnant.

Of course, as it will do with increasing speed from here on out, the time is flying by. Often, when I wake up to pee and can’t get back to sleep because I’m certain you’re mere moments from waking up yourself, I pick up my phone and scroll through pictures of you. This morning, the photos from late October caught me by surprise, because I so clearly remember taking them about five minutes ago. I was just marveling at the excitement of your first Halloween, and now your first Thanksgiving is in the past.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we sure loved celebrating it with you, sweet girl! There were twenty-eight people at Aunt Pati’s house this year, and for the most part, you handled the crowd like a champ. You even participated (briefly) in the family dance party. Daddy and I enjoyed our Thanksgiving Dinner as we do most dinners these days, passing you back and forth. During the day, you can entertain yourself on your play mat or in your swing, but by the evening you are over those and just want us to hold you. That said, when we are holding you, you’re rarely content to sit and snuggle. You like us to sit you up or better yet, stand you up on our laps so you can look around. Your curiosity and need to check everything and everyone out is a tad exhausting but I wouldn’t trade it. I love watching you figuring your world out.

After putting you to bed on Thanksgiving, Daddy and I played cards with the fam (someday we’ll teach you!) and crawled into bed at around 10:30pm. It was a far cry from the days of staying up till 2am dancing and drinking and singing at the top of our lungs. It was only eight years ago when our gallivanting woke up your Great-Grandma Sue. She came up the stairs to ask us to quiet down, and ended up staying up with us for over an hour, belting out showtunes and telling stories. We grazed on dessert and pulled leftovers out of the fridge for a midnight snack, before we’d all collapse in various bedrooms or couches.

It feels a little bittersweet, looking back on those days, knowing they’re behind us. In our family, the parents have become the grandparents, and the kids are finding love and making families of their own.  We’ve traded multiple cocktails for bottles and pacifiers and hide and seek. If we’re awake at 2am, it’s because our kids need us. I do miss those carefree, crazy nights. But what makes it all AMAZING, my girl, is that there is so much yet to come for us! Life changes and moves on, but every new stage is wonderful. Now, by the grace of God, we get to make more memories. And the best part? They will all include YOU.

Baby, thank you for joining our family and being part of the craziness. In a scary, changing world we know how blessed we are to be safe, healthy, and loved. We are more than blessed that you are safe and healthy, and it is our privilege to love you.

We are so thankful.

Love You Forever,



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