Dear Sadie: 7-9 Months

Hey, Sweet Girl.

My, have I been slipping on these updates. I actually just glanced at the calendar on my phone so I could remind myself what you’ve been up to over the past, ahem, several weeks.

While we were in Hawaii, you began attempting to army crawl on your tummy. For quite awhile, you could only go backward, which proved to be a point of great frustration for you.

Also in Hawaii, you began babbling. You had been making sounds before, but from the back of our rented minivan, Daddy and I couldn’t get enough of your new-found conversational skills, your repertoire of consonants and vowels, and impressive vocal range, both in pitch and volume.

When we returned from Hawaii, we immediately began the process of putting our house on the market.  This involved a lot of work on your Daddy’s part so I could focus on you. We moved furniture and a whole lot of our stuff into a storage unit, and when the house was ready to show, we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for a week. Once we’d accepted an offer, we moved back into our house for a few weeks, where you really started getting the hang of the army crawl. You could move forward, and occasionally made it to your hands and knees.

Sleep during those few weeks was some of your best yet, but the arrival of your first tooth (!!!) toward the end of your 8th month disrupted things a bit. We STILL have not found a new house, my love, so we moved into a friend’s Mother-in-Law apartment. It was a big change from our home, and had slate floors everywhere but the bedroom. So naturally, you decided you were really ready to commit to this whole “crawling” thing. We had that place half-covered in foam mats trying to protect your little head from the inevitable face plants you’d take.

We stayed in that apartment for about a month, during which time you cut approximately one tooth a week, bringing your grand total as of today to FOUR. You have been showing signs of teething for basically your entire life. Had we not seen a tooth emerge two days before your 9-month checkup, I would’ve asked your pediatrician if it was possible that you would just be a toothless child. So it’s been kind of amazing to see all of those chompers come in at once.

Your hair, a light brown/dark blonde with a hint of red, is getting thicker. You crawl all over the place and I’m missing your little gummy smile a bit already. You are clapping, waving, and arbitrarily pointing. You love eating solids! You eat two meals a day now–breakfast is oatmeal with some fruit purees mixed in, and dinner is your own portion of whatever we’re having. You were never much for baby food; you love being at the table with us and participating in the dinnertime fun. Your babbling is still very much babbling, but you talk like you’re having a conversation with us rather than chattering aimlessly. Your personality is starting to appear–you are happy and content 99% of the time. Strangers frequently comment on how good you are! You are an analytical little thing, but are starting to warm up to new situations a little faster and show the world the same chatty, smiley girl we know and love like crazy.

You’re still very much a baby–you have the most precious little rolls and dimples, and a petite one at that. You’re in the 25th percentile for all of your measurements, but your doctor says you’re growing just perfectly. You’re wearing 9-month clothing, but some of it is getting a little snug. You’re still a baby, but I can see your toddler self emerging, and I’m not ready. Suppose that’s a feeling I’ll have to get used to.

You bring us more joy every day, babe! We love you so much it’s silly, and can’t wait to see what you do next!

Sadie 9 months

Love you forever,

Mommy and Daddy


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