Dear Sadie: 10 months.

Dear Sadie,

Double Digits, baby! As I write this, you are (of course) closer to being 11 months old than 10, an age that is a little too close to AGE ONE for me to manage at the moment.

As far as the past month goes, I’m going to utter the words spoken by every parent in the history of forever. It’s not the first time and won’t be the last time I proclaim that “THIS IS SUCH A FUN AGE.”

But it is, it really is! You have grown in so many ways in the past few weeks. I always feel like a bit of jerk when I say things like, “I love you more every day”, because I never want to make you think that I wasn’t madly in love with you when you were a little peanut who slept 80% of the time, and spent the rest of the day lying on the floor, staring around the room. I was crazy about you then, although to be perfectly honest those days feel distant and fuzzy to me now, as now your days are filled with so much activity.

You have the cutest crawl I’ve ever seen. When you really want to get somewhere in a hurry, you put your head down and take off, your little limbs moving so quickly it’s reminiscent of some kind of spider or crab scurrying across the floor. Your hands smack the ground rhythmically and with such force that if I’m downstairs and you are crawling upstairs, I can pinpoint your exact location. It makes me and Daddy smile, every time.

As you did with most of your major motor milestones, like rolling and crawling, you have been working on standing for quite some time now. And like all those other milestones, the constant rehearsal of this skill has disrupted your our sleep a bit. Each time you learn a new skill, you practice it for what seems like forever. When you were learning to crawl, you’d get up on all fours and rock back and forth, and I could just tell you were physically ABLE to do it, but needed to be sure you’d get it right before you went for it. And then one day, off you went. You just…did it. The same has been true of standing. For weeks now you’ve been pulling yourself up on your knees and sticking a leg out. You would pause, think about it, and then drop back down. There were moments I worried…is this taking too long? Is she going to get this?

And then yesterday you were like, “Mom, whatever” and starting standing up on everything, out of nowhere, like you never DIDN’T know how. And that’s you, my girl. Reminding me to trust you, and showing me a little more of who you are, and who you’ll be. When I see the way you carefully consider big things before you leap, I’m somewhat convinced you’ll be…well, your dad. But as my daughter, I am SO grateful for this “look before you leap” mentality of yours. I’m okay with the fact that you may take a little while to be ready to try something new. I do wish, for the moment, that this would apply to electrical outlets, crawling headfirst off the couch, etc. I love that you think it through. I love even more that once you’re ready, you just take off and don’t look back.

Your cautious and curious nature had me thinking that maybe you’re more like Daddy than me for a while there. And then came the babbling. You’ve been doing it for months now, but it’s really taken off. Sweet child, you never shut up. And it’s my favorite thing ever. You are babbling, singing, yelling (happily) from the moment you wake up. Your voice is my favorite sound in the world. I’m sure once you learn some more words (right now “Dada” is the only recognizable word in your lexicon) and are asking incessant questions I’ll be a little less thrilled, but for now I think it’s the greatest. I’ll be pushing you around the mall in your stroller, and you just sit there with your feet up on the bar (a trademark move, people love it) going, “Buh-buh-buh, shhhh, a-bah-bah, DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAA” at passersby. Thank God you’re so damn cute, or people would find it a whole lot less endearing.

You are also turning out to be quite social, which is a bit of a turnaround from your previously stoic nature. Now you smile at pretty much anyone, and laugh for no good reason. You are becoming so interactive…You wave, clap, point, and shake your head “no”. You clap when anyone around you claps, including TV characters, and any time you hear the word “no”, the start shaking your head emphatically, and I can barely handle it. You are completely enamored with your Daddy; He is something of a celebrity to you. Whenever he arrives home from work or returns from the bathroom, your face lights up and you point at him like, “Daaaaaaaddddy! I KNOW HIM!” He feels the same way, and I love watching you two interact.

In short, kiddo, you are SO MUCH FUN. THIS IS SUCH A FUN AGE.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Sadie 10 months

(This was obviously not our most enthusiastic monthly photo shoot. There’s always next month)

Love you forever,



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